Short Film: TCS Media Group

It is overwhelmingly applaud able that the TCS set afoot in the field of filming. In tune with hopes and aspirations of the present day student community, the school formulated a media group of its own under the aegis of Mr Jimmy Jacob and Mohammed Ibrahim of English Dept. With its absolute pomp and grandeur, the media group which has been christened as ‘The Central School Media Group’ brings to light a visual magnificence as a short film in the days yet to come. The movie in which Fain Tommy, a cherubic boy of grade v, acted the main role reminds the viewers of the imminent dangers of water scarcity. The movie which lasts for 7 minutes impregnates to the minds of the time a feeling of regret that it is high time a drop was stopped from spilling down on the earth wasting.

This noble dream was translated into reality with the sincere help and guidance of Mr Ajith Ebrahim,the parent of Salman Faris Ajith and Mr Vipin,a veteran in photography and filming. The efforts put in by the students like Salman Faris Ajith, Shaheel and Ansil Kalam… remain an asset in seeing this dream come true.