Curriculum Policy-2019-20

DEIW_counselling & Guidance policy-2019-20

Dicipline Policy-2019-20

Educational Visit and Risk Assesment policy-2019-20

Happiness and Wellbeing Policy-2019-20

Homework Policy – 2019-20

Inclusion policy-2019-20

Innovation Policy -2019-20

Policy for LSA-2019-20

Promotion and Retention policy 2019-20

Reading Policy 2019-20

Speech and Language Therapy Policy- 2019-20


Visitors policy 2019-20

Accident and Emmergency Policy 2019-20

Action against malpractice -2019-20

Admission Policy 2019-2020

Attendance Policy-2019-20

Child protection and safeguarding policy-2019-20

Communication Policy- 2019-20

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