On behalf of our outstanding faculty and staff, it is my great privilege to welcome you to the exciting world of learning. My mission as principal of The Central School is to provide holistic education in an environment most congenial and innovating ,where virtue is the strongest shield.

We focus on the development of each individual’s self worth. This will be achieved through establishing a positive school climate by recruiting and retaining qualified teachers ,promoting civic involvement ,maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment. The importance of academic development is not an obsession but a necessity to enter the playing field of a globally competitive economy. The goal of our school is to inspire the young to interpret the world in the distinctive ways that characterize the thinking of experienced disciplinarians—historians, scientists, mathematicians, and artists.

To thrive in contemporary societies, young people must develop the capacity to think like experts. They must also be able to integrate disciplinary perspectives to understand new phenomena in such fields as medicine, bioethics, climate science, economic development and prepare students to embrace the complexity of the modern world. We cannot teach students well if we do not know them well. Positive responses create an emotional bank account that can absorb relational difficulties that occur along the way. Earning respect of students is not enough . Students must perceive that we care and even that we like them deep down.

In order for each student to achieve his/her dreams, we have obligated ourselves to provide an academic and social environment which encourages and enhances the development of well rounded students in academics, extracurricular activities and social etiquette. We recognize that our strongest factor for success depends upon the relationship between school, home and community. We invite parents to become involved with the programs that promote the learning process at The Central School.

Best wishes!

Mala Mehra,